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YBS after school is a bilingual after care which offers a Japanese-English dual immersion activities and experience from its' base in Yokosuka, Japan. Our programs is for children who goes to school on naval base or local Japanese school. After care service with safe and warm environment, exciting and fun activities, and many supports for working parents will give you fulfill experience in Japan.
YBS offers instruction in a bilingual setting, creating activities in both Japanese and English, the children always enjoy their activities and lessons with fun and a lot of smiles!!

Philosophy of YBS After school

The place students spend their after school time is very important. Especially with those who have working parents, after school care should be a place where children feel safe, comfortable and loved. In addition, having fun and being stimulated is very important for their learning and growth. They learn so many things through each experience by interacting with other students. The time they spend in Japan is going to be a very special time in their lifetime. We would like as many students to experience , have real exposure to Japanese culture, and meet lots of people to share their precious time with. Our students possibilities are infinite and we would like them to bloom as vast as possible! At YBS after school, students can be social, creative, curious, adventurous and confident. Our aim is to create a heartwarming atmosphere with lots of challenges that will give them confidence and irreplaceable friendship with smiles!

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What makes YBS after school the best!


Supporting working parents

We understand that you’re working parent and live a very busy life. We offer pick up service from school on Yokosuka base. We also offer homework support, and take safe heartwarming care of your children.

Bilingual environment


New experience and adventure

We provide summer program whole summer! Children will have Japanese lesson, fun and exploring activities, and exciting filed trips. We tie- up with major Japanese companies such as Canon, Toshiba, and more, and we are able to offer fun and exciting filed trip to explore local Japan! Your children’s summer will be fulfill and adventurous time at YBS!

Bilingual environment


Bilingual environment

We respect the language preference of each student. Language exchange through friendship is the best way to learn a new language. English speaking children will learn to communicate with Japanese speaking kids and vice-verse.

Bilingual environment


Learning environment

We will support your child by helping them with their homework from school. We support busy working parents!

Bilingual environment


Fun and challenging environment in bilingual

By enjoying stimulating and challenging activities with Japanese friends, they will build a deeper friendship in our community and make everlasting memories.

Bilingual environment


Connection with Local Japanese school

We believe that exposure to Japanese culture and interaction with local people will make a big difference in their life! At YBS, we have many opportunities to interact with local schools and students! Your child doesn't need to enroll in Japanese school to experience Japanese education and culture!

Bilingual environment


Flexibility and Friendly

We embrace each other differences. Our motto is “Open and Honest” to everyone in YBS. We understand our cultural differences, as well as, the difficulties associated with the military lifestyle. We are open to new things and we would like to be flexible to support your life in Japan. That is what makes YBS different.

Bilingual environment

After school programs and activities

  1. Pick up: we provide a pick up transportation service from an on base school to our facility. In addition, we can provide transportation for students that have early dismissal days as well.
  2. Home work / work sheet time: Homework support is provided pertaining to any subject matter. For those who doesn't have home works from school, we will provide worksheets in Japanese. Using an individual file, students will keep track of their task every day by themselves, which will build up their responsibility and organizing skills.
  3. Club time in bilingual: Every Tuesdays and Thursdays, club time will be held. During club time, each student will make a decision from few choices, and register by themselves. We will have exciting and fun clubs such as a carpenter club, a film club, Japanese club, and so on! This structured clubs will have one session (6weeks), and students will set a goal and work together with Japanese and international friends. All the clubs will be in held in both Japanese and English. We will have opportunity to get to know Japanese cultures and interact with local people.
  4. Activity time: Every Mondays, Wednesdays,and Fridays, we will have corner activity time. Students will chose their favorite activity from set activities. Students will enjoy interacting and having conversation with friends in Bilingual, at more relaxing atmosphere.
  5. Summer program: We offer summer program for whole summer! Not only safe and heartwarming care, we will have challenging and fun activities along with Japanese lessons. Also we will offer exciting filed trips to explore local Japan!
Bilingual environment Bilingual environment Bilingual environment Bilingual environment


YBS After school

Dental College Clinical Research bld.3F 82 Inaoka-cho Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa

Bilingual environment

Example of Daily Schedule

Bilingual environment Bilingual environment
  • Pick up from Sullivan’s school

  • Quiet Time:Home work/Worksheet

  • Snack Time

  • Story Time

  • Activity Time(Mon/Wed/Fri)Club Time(Tue/Thu)

  • Clean up Time

  • Closing

Happy Voice!

Bilingual environment
Pick up from school on base and full day care when base school closes is very helpful for working parents!
Bilingual environment
Wonderful teachers and flexibility with schedules!
Bilingual environment
I love seeing the kids interact with the teachers in Japanese
Bilingual environment
We love the teachers and how much they care about the students in the school.
Bilingual environment
Yokosuka Bilingual School is so great! We call them our Japan family. They have been a part of our whole life here in Japan. Their love and care for the children is most impressive.

Q & A

Bilingual environment
Bilingual environment

Do you have full day care when school on base is closed?

A. Yes, we offer full day care as needed!

Do you have summer program?

Yes, we offer summer programs with lots of learning and experience in Japan!

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