Guy Gets Free Vacation After Person With Same Name Drops Out At Last Minute

BuzzFeed reports that teen Twitter user Xavier Hernandez shared an image of his dog with her replacement family, captioning it, "So my dog was pregnant and she lost all 3 of her puppies so my mom bought her these toys and she thinks they're her puppies." Xavier told them that the dog's name is Twinkle, and her puppies died during their birth. She seemed depressed after her loss, and Xavier's mom gave her the three toys thinking it might help comfort her. Apparently, she bonded to them right away.

It’s Official: Toledo Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe To The Family

TOKYO — The end of the fiscal year and start of cherry blossom season here coincided with Japan's second Premium Friday, a nationwide push to let employees out of work at 3 p.m. on the last Friday of the month to encourage spending. Some Tokyo businesses curtailed or held events earlier on expectations of a smaller turnout as employees rush to complete tasks related to the end of the business year, which was Friday for many Japanese companies.