Ayako(Preschool teacher)

Preschool teacher
That the communication starts as soon as we want to understand each other and are willing to try to learn the language of each other to comunicate . YBS allows me to witness and live this experience. I am happy to be here and I want to thank the families.

Kumiko(Director of YBS and Entertainer)

Director of YBS and Entertainer
YBS gave me the skills to generate ideas and plan for them to happen. YBS also taught me to be a kind person and love everyone. My life changed when I met YBS children and their families. I will never forget to thank them! I try hard to teach everything as long as I can. YBS families, I will be with you whenever you are happy or sad, because you are my special family!”

Aya(YBS Manager and YBS Elementary school Director.)

YBS Manager and YBS Elementary school Director
Sometime I wonder why I love YBS so much. For me, YBS is the place I feel HOME. Whenever and whatever, YBS kids give me lots of smiles and power. YBS family ‘s “Than You!” makes my heart so warm. And the YBS team accepts all of me and pushes me to go forward together. YBS is my HOME. For everyone who choose YBS, I would like to make YBS their HOME too. To make it happen and create the best place, I will keep challenging myself and the YBS team to be the best we can be!

Fumi(YBS Director and Founder)

YBS Director and Founder
YBS changed my life. Every moment I spend with YBS, students, parents, teachers is my best and most precious moment ever. Every person at YBS is my family, that’s why I call us YBS family. I would make to have the best memories with the YBS family. YBS can fulfill the mission that all the people in this city can truly enjoy and appreciate being together and spending time together, enjoying life together! Once I was told by one of the parents, “She believed she could, so she did.” after I started YBS. I believed in this belief. I would like all the YBS families to believe that we can do anything if YBS family can support one other. Let’s make a difference, and create the future!!!