YBS Summer School for ages 5&up!

Are you looking for Summer program / care for your child? Yokosuka Bilingual School offers fun & exciting summer program, with lots of local experience and learning!    ...Read More

2019. 05. 23

YBS elementary took a field trip to Yokosuka fire department today!

YBS elementary took a field trip to Yokosuka fire department today! We learned so much about their jobs through precious experiences, such as seeing their equipment, listening from them, asking them ...Read More

2018. 11. 21

Today at After school, we participated in the earthquake drill at Dental college.

Today at After school, we participated in the earthquake drill at Dental college. Some of our Japanese and American students got to practice how to use the fire distinguisher with local fire fighter...Read More

2018. 10. 12

special concert!!

Today at YBS preschool and elementary, we had a special concert!! An orchestra group from Minami high school came to visit both locations and performed beautiful songs for us. YBS students were so e...Read More

2018. 09. 24

An article about Yokosuka Bilingual School Elementary was on Kanagawa news paper yesterday!

Now YBS elementary is an IB candidate. Our education with diversity and experience will expand student’s possibilities and vision! YBS elementary started at new location this month. With enri...Read More

2018. 08. 29

Japanese and music class at YBS elementary!

Music unites and connect us always! We are holding open house on July 14th, and August 25th. Please join us and get to know more about YBS elementary! Date:July 14th (Sat), August 25th (Sat) Time:...Read More

2018. 08. 29

Fun Japanese class at YBS elementary!

After a year of learning Japanese, most of the students got more comfortable and confident to read, listen, write, sing, and use Japanese! YBS elementary is holding open house on 14th July, Saturday....Read More

2018. 08. 29

Are you looking for primary education and local experience for your child off base?

YBS elementary offers high standard education in bilingual setting. Students have been learning Japanese and many more subjects with lots of fun and exciting experience!! YBS elementary is holding ...Read More

2018. 08. 24

Programming week for YBS summer program was successful!!

This week, Japanese and American students participated together. It was nice to see how students helped each other over the language barrier. That’s the YBS way!! YBS summer program will contin...Read More

2018. 07. 27

YBS Summer program took a field trip to Yokouska city council today!

This week, we have been learning about politics, and this experience was very precious for us!! A city councilman, Mr.Tanaka showed us the council hall and meeting hall as a special occasion!...Read More

2018. 07. 17

Today was the last school day of YBS elementary’s first school year!

A year ago, we started YBS elementary with big dream and hopes. After a year, we see all the students growth in many ways. Some students are now confident to communicate in Japanese....Read More

2018. 07. 13

YBS elementary took a field trip to a water sewage plant center of Yokosuka city!

As social study and science class, we have been learning about water cycle and importance of water with “save the water” spirits! It was really nice to see the real facility and learn thro...Read More

2018. 07. 10
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